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Refund Information and Questions

On May 19th, 2020, Mountain Ridge Little League suspended their Spring 2020 Season as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the State of Nevada.  The league intends to resume activities on or near August 1st, 2020 and will continue play with our current rosters over the time period that is typically our Fall season.  Mountain Ridge will not offer a traditional Fall program this year.    

Mountain Ridge is excited to pick up our season later this year but we also realize that previous plans or impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic may not allow you to participate when we are able to resume play later in the year.   If you are considering not playing later this year, please review our COVID-19 Refund Policy Amendment on the right side of this page.

Do I need to do anything if I still want to continue to play with the league in August?

No action is necessary at this time.  Our goal is to leave as many of our teams intact as possible.  In the event we need to make any changes to your team, the league will contact you with further instructions at that time.     

Why aren’t all players eligible for a 100% refund?

Mountain Ridge Little League, just as every other business, incurs expenses that are not recoverable.  The players who are League Age 12 and younger all received a month of field time and had uniforms ordered for their baseball season.  These expenses are paid up front and cannot be recovered.  The players who are League Age 13 and older have not had any field time and the league has not ordered their uniforms. 

A 50% refund seems too low for what I received.  How did you determine that number?

Mountain Ridge Little League collected approximately $124,000 in registration fees for the 2020 Spring Season.  Our unrecoverable expenses (transaction fees, insurance, fields in February - March, uniforms, and administrative expenses) are approximately $65,000.  That leaves our refund pool at approximately $59,000.  We then split the refund pool into our two age groups to determine what percentage of funds were available for refunds. 

The league calculated that it spent 62% of the registration fees for players 12 and under.  This would leave a 38% refund pool for those players.  The league incurred a 3% expense in the 13 and over registration fees, leaving them a 97% refund pool.  After a thorough financial analysis, the league determined that we can absorb the 12% loss on the younger age group and the 3% loss on our older players and still return in 2021. 

Is the league financially healthy enough to survive if we cancel the season? 

Absolutely!  The league had two goals when amending the 2020 refund policy.  First, we wanted to make sure that we provided a fair refund to the families who cannot participate when the season resumes.  Second, we wanted to leave the league in a healthy enough financial state to return to play in 2021.  If a worst-case scenario forces us to cancel the 2020 season, Mountain Ridge will refund or credit our 600+ players under the amended policy and will be ready to return to play with enough startup costs to begin the Spring 2021 season. 

COVID-19 Refund Policy Amendment

Any player registered and rostered during the Spring 2020 season may request a registration fee refund if they will not participate in league activities after our anticipated start date in August 2020.  The refund schedule is based on what division your child plays in.
- T-ball, Rookies, A, AA, AAA and Major division players are eligible for a 50% of their registration fee.
- Junior and Senior division players are eligible for a 100% refund of their registration fee.  

Refund requests should be submitted to [email protected] no later than June 20th, 2020 and will need to include the following information:

- Name of player(s)
- Division and team name(s)
- Form of refund
- Address you would like your refund mailed in case the league is unable to refund your card.

Refunds will be provided as a credit to your Sports Connect account for a future season, refund to the card used to register for 2020, or a paper check sent from league.

Any player who receives a refund will be removed from their current roster and will lose a guaranteed spot when our season resumes.  

This refund policy is not intended to address all refund scenarios.  Mountain Ridge reserves the right to amend or apply the policy as required in response to Little League and government directives responding to changing pandemic restrictions or guidance.  This includes but is not limited to refund requests that come in after June 20th, 2020, complex refund scenarios such as players losing a roster spot due to manager, coach, or excess player loss, and/or the inability to resume the season later this year. 

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